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Hi there.

It me.

Just providing another life update that.... no one asked for. But here it is anyway. I will write this in the form of sections.

  1. Work is insanely busy. As we get closer to the holiday season, PR just gets more and more hectic. Increasingly hectic, continuously. I genuinely love the work that I'm doing though; more than music PR, to be completely transparent. I have the opportunity to write a wide range of pitches every week for a handful of different clients, so it's always fresh work. Music PR began to feel very one dimensional and a tad boring. From now until New Years, I will continue to be slammed with pitch after pitch. Launch after launch. I like it a lot thought. No complaints here; keeps my mind busy.

  2. We are knee deep in wedding planning. Shit's hard. It's not enjoyable anymore (more transparency). Don't get me wrong; it's fun to be creative. But trying to organize and plan every little meticulous detail is getting to be quite exhausting. I'm just looking forward to the actual day. Not that I want to 'get it over with,' but I'm ready to enjoy the actual moment. We are 190 days away.

  3. Mya is adjusting muchhhh more to life at our house with Pika. At first, it was an incredibly difficult transition. She was scared, didn't feel well, and very confused. Her and Pika did not get along at all. She guarded many resources, including food and toys - especially toys. But over the last week or so, they've really begun to develop a sweet, playful bond. They're now sharing and tugging on the same toys, and she's allowed him to lay with her in her bed. Little steps. Taking time. It's getting there.

  4. I left my house 3 times in the last week - all at night. New record.

  5. Got the chance to go down to Disney World earlier this week for just a day. I was able to fit 18 attractions into the day. I don't even know how I was able to pull that off, besides consistently zig zagging and racing throughout the park. Constant roaming in Magic Kingdom. I honestly think that's the best way to have the most relaxed day. When you meticulously plan a ride schedule, you're not taking anything into account. Roam, if you can, and just see where the day takes you. Genie+ is also a must at this point; I hate to say it, but it was useful. Space Mountain is also now my new favorite ride.

  6. I am re-invested in the Taylor Swift rabbit hole. I am listening to all of her albums straight through before Midnight drops tonight. Bless my soul.

  7. Should I even consider starting up my personal podcast again? I will get a new season of Criminal Mind - work is just legit insane right now. But the personal one... I keep forgetting about it. Multiple outlines for new episodes are written. It's just been so hard for me to record anything. I'm still thinking about it.... not sure though, to be honest.

That's about it y'all. Let me know what I should write about next, because let's face it - my life updates are now quite boring.



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